Join us at the first Animal Lecture in English!

In 2014 the Institute for Animals in Philosophy and Science is organising for the first time Animal Lectures in English for an international audience. In these lectures psychologist and philosopher dr. Esteban Rivas will present up-to-date reviews of the current scientific state of affairs regarding the consciousness, emotions, and intelligence of nonhuman animals, as well as animal ethics, or how we should relate to other animals.


On Saturday 11 January 2014 the first Animal Lecture in English will be held at the Main building of the Free University in Amsterdam. The subject of this lecture is “Consciousness and emotions in animals.” During this lecture dr. Rivas will address the question whether other animals have the ability to experience things like pain and pleasure. Are animals robots without subjective experiences or do animals experience sensations and other things in a phenomenally conscious way? The French philosopher René Descartes claimed that nonhuman animals could not be conscious. Behaviorism in psychology also led to a taboo on the subject of consciousness in general. Even today there are still scholars who do not ascribe consciousness or sentience to animals, often based on the absence of ‘higher’ cognitive abilities and language. In contrast are positions that argue for the presence of consciousness in animals by argueing from analogy, using systematic analyses of the nervous systems and behaviours of animals. Rivas will present the work of Jaak Panksepp on affective neuroscience, which shows that at least all mammals, and birds too, share a number of brain centers for the same emotional systems. We will also discuss the various emotions of animals. Which particular emotions do they have? Pleasure, pain, jealousy, guilt, gratitude? Which animals seem to mourn deceased conspecifics? And what similarities exist between humans and other animals with regard to altered states of consciousness, such as dreaming and being under the influence of psychoactive medication and drugs?

At the end of March and in April three other Animal Lectures in the English language will be organised. These are the following:

  • Saturday 29 March: Communiation and language research with animals.
  • Saturday 5 April: Recent research on the intelligence of dogs.
  • Saturday 12 April: Introduction to animal ethics.

Click here for more information about the contents of these three Animal Lectures.

Practical information. The Animal Lectures are organized for people who work with animals professionally, for students, and for anyone interested in animals and eager to broaden their knowledge about them. A specific former education is not required. The lectures start at 12.30 and end at 16.30 hours. Registration for the Animal Lectures costs 35 euro for each lecture. Students with a student ID card pay 25 euro for each lecture. You can register for all or several of the lectures by sending a message to You will then receive an email message with all practical details, such as payment etc.

See you in Amsterdam!