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Saturday 8 February ape expert dr. Esteban Rivas and dolphin expert dr. Justin Gregg will organise the third and last seminar in the Apes & Dolphins Seminar Series at the Free University in Amsterdam. This time the seminar will be wholly dedicated to the moral status of great apes and dolphins. Are they morally special animals? Or maybe they are not? What arguments have philosophers and ethicists brought forward about a possible special moral status of great apes and dolphins? Are they persons? Is their cognitive complexity morally relevant? Is it relevant at all that they are quite similar to human animals? And what arguments have been given against a special status for these animals? Is granting them equality with humans dangerous for our human ethics in itself? Or does picking them out as special animals perpetuate speciesism, at the cost of all other animals?


We will also present a review of the use by humans of great apes and dolphins in animal experimentation, the entertainment industry, and captivity in zoos and dolphinaria. We will present the arguments that have been given for and against such use of these animals. We will also discuss the various campaigns, lawsuits, and political discussions about great apes and dolphins that are taking place, like the Great Ape Project, the Nonhuman Rights Project, the Helsinki Declaration on Cetacean Rights, and the Free Morgan campaign about orca Morgan.

In a general discussion all seminar participants will debate the various moral and political issues raised during the earlier presentations. Register now for this seminar!


The seminar will take place from 10.00 to 17.00 hrs on Saturday, 8 February 2014, in the Main Building of the Free University, De Boelelaan 1105, in Amsterdam. Registration costs 50 Euro (30 Euro for students with student ID), and includes lunch, coffee/tea, as well as a goodie-bag .

Preliminary program:

  • Moral thinking about apes, dolphins, and other non-human animals: history and present (by Esteban Rivas)
  • Campaigns, lawsuits, and political discussion concerning how great apes should be treated (by Esteban Rivas)
  • Campaigns, lawsuits, and political discussion concerning how dolphins should be treated (by Justin Gregg)
  • General discussion involving all participants.

Registration: To register for this ethics seminar, simply send an email message to Esteban’s email address:

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